The social health system, – using an Americanism for once – sucks.

Nutritional awareness has produced dozens of clowns publishing a book praising some weird new diet about every fortnight.

The enormity of their national debt shows Americans to live beyond their means.
Few of them seem to realise, that their excessive footprint would wash away, if Europe and Asia had second thoughts about American imports.

The primary educational system is inferior to ours. Teachers are both underpayed and underestimated.
There are schools in the world’s Number One Nation, where teaching science in the form of Darwin’s Evolution is banned in favour of a twisted anachronism called “creationism”. Another drag to cultural development, courtesy of the Christian fundamentalists.

America is the world’s major polluter and resource-guzzler. Extremely careless, casually wasteful energy managment are payed for by the rest of the planet and by its future generations.

World police functions, traditionally exercised by the Armed Forces, is driven by self-overestimation. The export of their way of life as the only one worth living, is mainly for commercial dominance.
God’s Own Country is bound to continue crusadeing for democracy in places and cultures their military, clergy and politicians do not understand.

Despite a series of laws proclaiming “Equal Rights”, America continues to discriminate its fellow citizens, although the majority no longer considers it racism.

The gap between extremely rich and bitterly poor citizens is not smaller than in a South American feudal society.
Money and power belong together like sex and crime. They are hardly ever considered to have a downside.

The US use a hopeless system for electing the best man or woman to be their president.
Without the slightest doubt, there are hundreds of bright, resourceful, capable and motivated candidates among the hundreds of millions. But the system to identify them should be based on more relevant grounds than money.

Boycotting today’s most important international organisations is another deplorable trait in American politics. The world tribunal for mass murderers in the Haig; the Kyoto protocol for world survival, etc. all of them need the United States of America because they still see them as “powerful and important.” Occasionally the US even block majority decisions of the United Nations with their veto

America’s ground transport system, being based on the personal motor car, led to the neglect of energy-efficient public transport.

The percentage of imprisoned criminals is, I believe, the highest in the world and the death sentence is widely applauded.

Despite this dire situation, the right to bear arms is kept alive by the mighty NRA, short for the National Rifle Association (or is it the National Rifle Assassination?). This powerful lobby is the main responsible for countless murders taking place all over the country.
They say: “It’s not weapons that kill people; it’s people”.
And with this blatant stupidity they get away in Washington and the with the Supreme Court.
The gun madness would fill another Taboo-Breaker chapter to the brim.
I renounce. Please refer to Mr Michael Moore’s film “Bowling for Columbine”.